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Satchmo Change Log

 * Added config files to make rpm creation easier

Version 0.6, October 30, 2007
 * Removed dependency on Webda and added new l10n models
 * Added capability to rate and review products
 * Improved capabilities for users to manage their account information
 * Creation of a simple inventory management interface
 * Multiple bug fixes and code cleanups
 * New configuration option to allow user to set image upload directory name
 * Improved error handling for loading data
 * Allow manual product ordering in a category
 * Remove most custom settings from, instead using the satchmo.configuration app
 * Added a cache manager
 * Added TrustCommerce as a processing module
 * New downloadable product type
 * New custom product type
 * Added Swedish translation

Version 0.5, August 22, 2007
 * First official package launch