satchmo / AUTHORS


Chris Moffitt who created some of the original models and core structure.

Bruce Kroeze who designed the Payment Module system as well as a bunch of other parts.

John Shaffer who has provided a lot of support with internationalization, the testing framework and a fixes all over the place.

Brian Johnson who led the way with the product model refactoring.

CONTRIBUTORS we know of:

Michal Salaban who hunted and shot some bugs and wrote parts responsible for flexibility and scaling (mostly the signals system).
Jannis Leidel whose code has been used in autocomplete admin form fields.

Other people who provided bugfixes, translations, etc. and are welcome to ask for their names to be mentioned here.
Jason F. Hill 


This project would obviously not be possible without the outstanding
Django framework.  Thanks to all of the individuals that started Django and
open sourced the application.

Thanks also go out to all the people that have contributed ideas or thoughts 
for the project.
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