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just minor minor docs thing.
updated docs a little more to reflect the debug also on variable.
changed refernces to settings.MEDIA_* to just MEDIA_*, its pretty obvious in the context. Also changed refernce arguments to options since options are actually a part of the arguments, what the hell quality might as well be called an option here...
debug might as well return error when not beeing able to resolve variable i think. Updated docs to reflect that and changed .url reference in there to .absolute_url
make sure context_var gets reset if source_var couldnt resolve, cleaned up error handling in there too
docs: thumbnails -> thumbnail, base: properties->methods :) and renamed thumbnails attr to dest.
Adding some more "helpful" properties and documenting them.
Small documentation changes and update the template tag format to: {% thumbnail source-image size [options] [as variable] %} (with updated tests and docs)
PREFIX and DEBUG setting documented and detail filter corrected.
Small doc changes
Documentation. This actually doesn't match up with the thumbnail tag at the moment, because I think we should comma separate the options but not the size (since it is always required). It also references a size property on DjangoThumbnail which does not exist yet.
just small next to nothing in methods.
new smarter autocrop algo.
Test filename in a subdirectory and with prefix, subdir or basedir
More test work
Start of tests for utils, bit of a test refactor
Updating utils (not tested yet) and moving the get_thumbnail_setting to utils. was an older version
Add initial tests
just minor fix on get_thumbnail_setting
basically nothing again.
basically nothing
mod get_thumbnail_setting. **kwargs bye bye
why use upper() in get_thumbnail_setting?
reinstalled the function get_thumbnail_setting on toplevel. kwargs: basedir,subdir,prefix can now be sent from tamplate code (not tag) to override defaults and settings file. quality now has a setting option.
getattr was wrong in
comment cleanup, no code modified.
quality stuff and something else on the settings... not clear which way to go yet i figure...
Oops, pass kwargs again... it'll be good when I've done a test suite :P
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