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Comment out some unused overridden methods (that wouldn't have worked anyway yet). Also, change the get_*_thumbnail_tag method to escape rather than urlquote the url (it's already been through iri_to_uri, but it could contain an ampersand)
Fix issue 22 (issues with ImageWithThumbnailsField)
Fix the order that the test images are created so that everything gets cleaned up after testing
Base functionality changed so that if the source file name doesn't exist but the thumbnail does, it still works.
Fix the utils test so test directories are correctly removed.
Initial checkin of the ImageWithThumbnailsField. No docs yet but the tests pass.
Add tests for the size from context as a string (rather than a tuple)
Clarify the formats which are accepted if you're getting size from the context.
More robust tests when testing against filenames stripped of MEDIA_ROOT and fix a bug with sizes coming from the context (which I would have noticed if I actually ran my own tests before checking in :P)
using png24 again as intermediate format instead of tiff
made jpeg ext recognized as a jpg filetype.
just reorder so we dont do filetype checking if we dont have to.
not recompressing jpegs if not needed should work now.
made it possible to set destination filename directly when init DjangoThumbnail
made relative destination a class attr in DjangoThumbnail.
render() should never raise exceptions according to docs, updated code to reflect step forward one step back.
s orry i didnt read the docs so i didnt get the size var correct. However why have 2 different syntaxes for size?. I think it makes more sence now so Im updating the docs too.
size error should raise error regardless of debug setting.
resolving size was not working i cleaned that up a bit. also we need to make sure we reset the context var on error becase when looping thru images and one gave an error, the context var will be set from previous loop.
made source filetype a property so we dont check filetype until needed, also made imagemagick use TIFF as opposed to png32. Also we need a larger size from imagemagick when using autocrop, we default to 3* for that and crop, its just a guess in either case.
forgot print debugging in base
remove tmp file on error, imagemagick method had wrong name when called from wvps convert.
Small doc fix
Renaming the new byteunit filter to something more sensible: filesize
thumbnail template tag's size can now be a context variable (still accepts WxH like before)
Refactor the conversion methods to remove the Django ties to the BaseThumbnail class. Added some documentation about it too.
New byteunit filter rather than filesize presentation logic in the Template class
Small changes to thumbnail tag. 1. Use get_thumbnail_setting('DEBUG') inline so tests don't fail 2. Combine the redundant get_thumbnail_node method with thumbnail (side benefit: this fixes the docstring in the Django admin docs for the tag) 3. register the tag the old Python 2.3 way for better compatibility
added magic file recogn.
metion the new stuff in docs.
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