sorl-thumbnail /

import re
import os
from django.conf import settings

re_thumbnail_file = re.compile(r'(?P<source_filename>.+)_(?P<x>\d+)x(?P<y>\d+)(?:_(?P<options>\w+))?_q(?P<quality>\d+).jpg$')

    'DEBUG': False,
    'BASEDIR': '',
    'SUBDIR': '',
    'PREFIX': '',
    'QUALITY': 85,

def get_thumbnail_setting(setting, override=None):
    Get a thumbnail setting from Django settings module, falling back to the
    If override is not None, it will be used instead of the setting.
    if override is not None:
        return override
    if hasattr(settings, 'THUMBNAIL_%s' % setting):
        return getattr(settings, 'THUMBNAIL_%s' % setting)
        return DEFAULT_THUMBNAIL_SETTINGS[setting]

def all_thumbnails(path, recursive=True, prefix=None, subdir=None):
    Return a dictionary referencing all files which match the thumbnail format.
    Each key is a source image filename, relative to path.
    Each value is a list of dictionaries as explained in `thumbnails_for_file`.
    prefix = get_thumbnail_setting('PREFIX', prefix)
    subdir = get_thumbnail_setting('SUBDIR', subdir)
    thumbnail_files = {}
    if not path.endswith('/'):
        path = '%s/' % path
    len_path = len(path)
    if recursive:
        all = os.walk(path)
        files = []
        for file in os.listdir(path):
            if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(path, file)):
        all = [(path, [], files)]
    for dir_, subdirs, files in all:
        rel_dir = dir_[len_path:]
        for file in files:
            thumb = re_thumbnail_file.match(file)
            if not thumb:
            d = thumb.groupdict()
            source_filename = d.pop('source_filename')
            if prefix:
                source_path, source_filename = os.path.split(source_filename)
                if not source_filename.startswith(prefix):
                source_filename = os.path.join(source_path,
            d['options'] = d['options'] and d['options'].split('_') or []
            if subdir and rel_dir.endswith(subdir):
                rel_dir = rel_dir[:-len(subdir)] 
            # Corner-case bug: if the filename didn't have an extension but did
            # have an underscore, the last underscore will get converted to a
            # '.'.
            m = re.match(r'(.*)_(.*)', source_filename)
            if m:
                 source_filename = '%s.%s' % m.groups()
            filename = os.path.join(rel_dir, source_filename)
            thumbnail_file = thumbnail_files.setdefault(filename, [])
            d['filename'] = os.path.join(dir_, file)
    return thumbnail_files

def thumbnails_for_file(relative_source_path, root=None, basedir=None,
                        subdir=None, prefix=None):
    Return a list of dictionaries, one for each thumbnail belonging to the
    source image.

    The following list explains each key of the dictionary:

      `filename`  -- absolute thumbnail path 
      `x` and `y` -- the size of the thumbnail
      `options`   -- list of options for this thumbnail
      `quality`   -- quality setting for this thumbnail
    if root is None:
        root = settings.MEDIA_ROOT
    basedir = get_thumbnail_setting('BASEDIR', basedir)
    subdir = get_thumbnail_setting('SUBDIR', subdir)
    source_dir, filename = os.path.split(relative_source_path)
    thumbs_path = os.path.join(root, basedir, source_dir, subdir)
    if not os.path.isdir(thumbs_path):
        return []
    files = all_thumbnails(thumbs_path, recursive=False, prefix=prefix,
    return files.get(filename, [])

def delete_thumbnails(relative_source_path, root=None, basedir=None,
                      subdir=None, prefix=None):
    Delete all thumbnails for a source image.
    thumbs = thumbnails_for_file(relative_source_path, root, basedir, subdir,
    return _delete_using_thumbs_list(thumbs)

def _delete_using_thumbs_list(thumbs):
    for thumb_dict in thumbs:
    return len(thumbs)

def delete_all_thumbnails(path, recursive=True):
    Delete all files within a path which match the thumbnails pattern.
    By default, matching files from all sub-directories are also removed. To
    only remove from the path directory, set recursive=False.
    total = 0
    for thumbs in all_thumbnails(path, recursive=recursive).values():
        total += _delete_using_thumbs_list(thumbs)
    return total