Issues on OSX 10.8

Semyon Novikov avatarSemyon Novikov created an issue

Hi there. There is problems with drawterm on Mountain Lion. First of all Carbon is now deprecated, so OS X native app just doesn't build at all.

But using workarounds from issue #3 I can build X11-version. I have an 9front CPU server in local network at address Using precompiled binaries from I can connect to it using command line:

drawterm -c -u gelnda

But when I trying to do same with just compiled X11 version I got error:

cpu: can't dial: Invalid argument

Comments (7)

  1. Jeff Sickel

    If you want MacOS X 10.8 version of drawterm see the fork as it will build and runs quite well, I've been using it for months. At some point I'd like to roll the changes back into the primary drawterm tree but there's been a significant cleanup of the libs (including the 21-bit rune support) that will need some attention to get everything building on all the other platforms again.

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