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dist/main.html: update supported systems and commit log link.


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File dist/main.html

         Linux <font size=-1>(x86, x86-64, PowerPC, and ARM)</font>,
         FreeBSD <font size=-1>(x86, x86-64)</font>,
-        Mac OS X <font size=-1>(x86 and Power PC)</font>,
+        Mac OS X <font size=-1>(x86, x86-64, and Power PC)</font>,
         NetBSD <font size=-1>(x86 and PowerPC)</font>,
         OpenBSD <font size=-1>(x86 and PowerPC)</font>,
-        SunOS <font size=-1>(Sparc)</font>.
+        SunOS <font size=-1>(x86-64 and Sparc)</font>,
+	Dragonfly BSD <font size=-1>(x86-64)</font>.
     <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=100%><tr height=20><td></table>
         latest tree: <a href="plan9port.tgz">plan9port.tgz</a>
         <font size=-1>(<a href="/cgi-bin/info.cgi?file=/plan9port/plan9port.tgz">date and checksums</a>;
-          <a href="">list of recent changes</a>;
+          <a href="">list of recent changes</a>;
           <a href="/usr/local/plan9/LICENSE">license</a>)</font>