acme: qunlock oops

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Anonymous created an issue

acme: qunlock pc=0x10b86f495 owner=0 self=10c0c1000 oops

How to reproduce?

Start acme with two panes.

Rename pane 1 to "foo.go".

Execute in pane 2: Edit X/.go$/ ,|gofmt

Acme from tip. OS: Darwin 10.8.2

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  1. David du Colombier

    I've looked a bit and it seems the problem is caused by qunlock(&w->lk) in winunlock(Window *w) (wind.c:287). It is called by winunlock(t->w) in ecmd.c:629.

    The question is: why qunlock is called with w->lk.owner == 0?

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