OS X needs Cocoa version of devdraw

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Russ Cox
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Snow Leopard has started the process of deprecating Carbon, the API that the current OS X devdraw uses. As of Snow Leopard, it can only be used in 32-bit binaries. Some future release will remove support entirely.

Jeff Sickel has started Cocoa support, which requires working in Objective C. It can put bits on the screen but doesn't receive mouse events. It can handle resize after a click in the window. Improvements welcome.

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  1. Anonymous

    It would be great if this Cocoa implementation also was GNUstep-compatible, since that also would allow other *NIX OS:es (and perhaps even Windows?) to test it, rather than only being dependent on X11 protocol.

  2. Anonymous

    Would it be possible to make the interface more "generic" by using an intermediate level in devdraw, such as Cairo (http://www.cairographics.org/) to communicate with various graphics output targets?

    Ps. sorry about the bump - misclicked. Ds.

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