Raphael Sebbe committed 7467811

Fix for remote repository push refreshes.

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     SEL didEnd = NULL;
     if (xferOp==kHgPull)
         didEnd = @selector(_pullDidEnd:result:url:);
-    else if( url.isFileURL ) {
+    // RS: I removed the isFileURL check because I need to refresh even for remote push, & I could not understand why it is handled differently for file / network URLs
+    // If different handling is needed, then we need another selector for the didEnd notification (to call refreshStates...)
+    else {//if( url.isFileURL ) {
         if( xferOp==kHgPush ) 
             didEnd = @selector(_pushDidEnd:result:url:);
         else if( xferOp==kHgClone ) 
 - (void) _pullDidEnd: (NSPanel*)sheet result: (int)result url: (NSURL*)url
     [self _closeProgressSheet];
-    [[ProjectsController sharedInstance] refreshStatesForRepositoryAtPath:self.repository.absolutePath];
     // Warn the user if a merge is required:
     if ([_repo canMergeWithRevision: nil]) {