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Take a standard IIS Log file and produce lots of analysis from it.

Not yet as general as it could but still may prove helpful to some .

Currently assumes a W3C format log.

Logo used under : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/# courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/iangbl/



How to run AnalyseIISLogs.py

D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs>python AnalyseIISLogs.py -i "D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311.log" -o ""D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311"

Sample output from AnalyseIISLogs.py

About to start loop
Max : 171
Min : 1
Mean : 28.7239263804
StdDev : 0.279641499332

Finished Analysis of : D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311.log
Written output of Errors with code 500 to : D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311-ERR500.log
Written output of Errors with code other than 500 to : D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311-ERRNot500.log
Written caching analysis to : D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311-CachingAnalysis.log
Written IP analysis to : D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs\data\MSD-IIS-Logs-20140311\in140311-IPAddress.log

cnt_reject_for_time: 1
cnt_good: 4626
cnt_bad_500: 38
cnt_bad_not_500: 17
cnt_total: 4682

pylint template

D:\src\python\AnalyseIISLogs>pylint -f html  -r y --const-rgx='[a-z_][a-z0-9_]{2,30}$' --msg-template="{line} {msg_id}({symbol}) {obj} {msg}"  AnalyseIISLogs.py > test.html

pep8 template

pep8 AnalyseIISLogs.py