A tool to generate arithmetic questions based upon the users previously answers.

More specifically an implementation of Spaced Repetition ( to the area of 'times tables'.


The guts of the tool are now complete.

What's now needed are various housekeeping tasks associated with the change of platform and then a REST API which makes use of the the functionality which has been developed.

The best way to see what is currently in place in action is to run ./MATHMISH/


  • Change of config paths to db etc to reflect change of platform
  • Introduction of a virtenv to contain the necessary environment
  • REST API to allow access to the library
  • FLASK App to illustrate use of the REST API


python nosetests

Is how you run the test suite

cd MatMisUi python

Is how you run the web-service

If you're using cURL on Windows to test the API you need to be cognisant of the weird escaping requirements of the Windows command shell. Here is an example of escaping the JSON data in such a way that the server is able to make sense of it :

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d "{\"title\":\"Read a book\"}" http://localhost:8008/todo/api/v1.0/tasks

I used the following article as a guide to making a RESTful API in Flask:

Here's some useful SQL to clear down those tables which get populated as a result of activity in the library:

sqlite> delete from MAM_ATTEMPT;delete from MAM_SUMS;delete from MAM_QUESTION; sqlite> select count() from MAM_ATTEMPT;select count() from MAM_SUMS;select count(*) from MAM_QUESTION;