AeroPathMFD is an addon for OrbiterSim, a spaceflight simulator. It predicts the ship's flight path through a planet's atmosphere, allowing certain maneuvers to be performed with much more precision than otherwise possible.

AeroPathMFD is a fork of AeroBrakeMFD. Unfortunately most addons are released with the source code packaged as part of the release, rather than having the code hosted in a source control system somewhere. This makes contributing tweaks a little tricky. Still, providing the source at all is a big thumbs up to Orbiter addon developers.

The original AeroBrakeMFD addon's source code was developed by:

  • Jarmo Nikkanen, 2002-2004
  • Gregorio Piccoli, 2005-2006
  • Chris Knestrick, 2003


The original licenses are somewhat informal: AeroBrake, CDK.

All further contributions to this project are licensed under the BSD License.

Detailed license info is available in license.txt.


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