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virtualenv / REPO_HAS_MOVED.txt

_______________ virtualenv HISTORY

The lead developer of the virtualenv project is Ian Bicking.
He established his Mercurial repository on 2009-04-14:

_______________ 2011-03-12  Notice 

The official repository for development has been moved to 
                   pypa is "Python Packaging Authority":

     brosner (Brian Rosner)
     carljm  (Carl Meyer)
     hugobr  (Hugo Lopes Tavares)
     ianb    (Ian Bicking)
     jezdez  (Jannis Leidel)
     pnasrat (Paul Nasrat)
     vbabiy  (Vitaly Babiy)

_______________ 2011-11-13  hg Mirror via rsvp 

Version control for Python's virtualenv was switched from hg to git
in April 2011. This Bitbucket repository is based on unaltered
CURRENT SNAPSHOTS of virtualenv from Github (with pip included). We
created a new branch derived from the old unmaintained Bitbucket
"trunk" which is now called "github." This is NOT a fork for
development, but merely a convenient public mirror for those using

Since we use snapshots, the explicit record of specific commits is
lost. Please consult the Github repo if you require that history.

The renaming of files may leave remains of deprecated files.  Such
files will be removed periodically.  This should not pose a problem
in terms of proper execution.