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README for y_serial

Installing the only file necessary

Sole requirement: Python version 2.x where x is 5 or greater.

The bleeding edge version of the module is y_serial_dev.py -- whereas the most recent stable version can be found under the directory called release. There are no dependencies other than standard issue modules.

Put the y_serial module where your Python can find it. No eggs here ;-)

You are free to use y_serial under the BSD license.

Reading the docs

The module includes the tutorial documentation within itself.

Or read the introductory guide at <http://yserial.sourceforge.net>.


Even the tests are contained within the module itself. Be sure to change the default database file to suit yourself; see assignment db0 in class Base. Then:

import y_serial_dev as y_serial
y_serial.tester( database )
#        ^for the principal class Main
#        testfarm is for the beta version, not yet in Main.


Please kindly direct your wishes, comments, patches, pull requests, etc. to any one of these convenient locations.

If you fork or clone a repository, please update 00-dev.log which is the developers' log. The branching style for version control is explained in docs/02-hg-dev-stable-branch.html.

For real-time discussions, please go to the #yserial IRC channel on freenode.

Thank you very much, and hope y_serial is most helpful in your projects.