yserial / 00-dev.log

00-dev.log                                          Review date : 2010-11-05
#  vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 ff=unix tw=78 ai syn=py : per Python PEP 0263 

     This document is intended for yserial developers.
     Users may consult within the module for documentation.
     That one module file is the latest and all you need to get started.

_______________ GENERAL INFO, see also 

The development style using Mercurial version control is discussed in the
docs directory, please see 02-hg-dev-stable-branch.html for details.

There are two branches in the repo: default and stable. The default branch is
for non-bug development, while the stable branch is for bug fixes.

As a developer, please add your comments here in chronological order. The
style is informal. Later we may need to write "official" documentation, apart
from the what's contained in the y_serial module.

Recorded TAGS will generally take the semantic versioning form:  vNmm.b
where N= major, mm= minor, b= bugfix numbers, e.g. v060.7
Your personal non-recorded tags can be created using the -l local option.

_______________ 2010-11-04 Thu 16:26  rsvp 

Hello, world. Thanks very much for participating in this project. We really
appreciate your effort into our collective code development.

     -Adriano, yserial lead developer, 

_______________ 2010-11-07 Sun 10:27  rsvp re: Github mirror.

We mirrored yserial to github using the hg-git extension, however, after the
first push there were extension bugs outlined here:
Using the gexport command before the push did not seem to help.

This is a version control issue, nothing to do with y_serial itself ;-)

The hg-git extension also automatically added a tag called "master" 
for the benefit of git. (This could be a side-effect from my bookmarks 
which creates a pointer that moves along with new commits.)