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Launchy Tomboy Plugin


I have tested this setup with:


  • Make sure the above requirements are met

  • install this package using pip, easy_install, or the .exe installer

  • create a file like the one below:

    # this file should reside at
    # <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\
    from os import environ as ose
    import launchy
    # uncomment this line if you want debug messages from LaunchyTomboyPlugin
    # to go to <Launch program dir>\plugins\python\stdout.txt
    #ose['LAUNCHY_TOMBOY_DEBUG'] = '1'
    from launchytomboyplugin import Tomboy
    print 'Tomboy plugin registered'
  • start or restart Launchy

Environment Variables

  • LAUNCHY_TOMBOY_DEBUG: set to enable debug info in the stdout.txt (see below)
  • TOMBOY_PROGRAM_PATH: set to the full path to Tomboy.exe if your Tomboy install is in a non-standard location.

Log Files

Keep theses files in mind when trying to troubleshoot problems:

  • <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\stdout.txt
  • <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\stderr.txt

Using the Plugin

This plugin inserts two static items into the Launchy catalog:

  • Tomboy New Note
  • Tomboy Search Notes

It will also index the title of every Tomboy note and make it available as an item in the Launchy catalog. So if you have a note with a title of "ToDo List" typing "ToDo List" in Launchy should bring up that item. Hitting enter will open the corresponding Tomboy note.

Note: the plugin rebuilds the list of note titles whenever Launchy rebuilds its catalog. The auto-refresh time period can be set in Launchy options. A manual refresh of the catalog can also be triggered, see Launchy docs for more info.

Questions & Comments

Please visit:

Source Code

The Launch Tomboy Plugin HG tip is installable via easy_install with easy_install LaunchyTomboyPlugin==dev or pip with pip install LaunchyTomboyPlugin==dev.

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