Richard Jones  committed c49f0fc

don't use the modified-for-oauth params, use the originals so we can get to the file content; add protocol supplied to protocol error

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         if protocol_version!=self.CURRENT_UPLOAD_PROTOCOL:
             # If a new protocol version is added, backward compatibility
             # with old distutils upload commands needs to be preserved
-            raise NotImplementedError, "Unsupported file upload protocol"
+            raise NotImplementedError("Unsupported file upload protocol (%r)" %
+                protocol_version)
         # figure the package name and version
         name = version = None
         '''Upload a file for a package release.
         consumer, token, params, user = self._parse_request()
-        self.file_upload(False, params)
+        self.file_upload(False)
     def oauth_docupload(self):