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Add docstrings to test function so that spec (nose plugin) displays output correctly

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 def test_compatibility_tags():
+    """Test compatibilty tags are working."""
     wf = WheelFile("package-1.0.0-cp32.cp33-noabi-noarch.whl")
                  [('cp32', 'noabi', 'noarch'), ('cp33', 'noabi', 'noarch')])
 def test_bdist_wheel():
+    """Make sure bdist_wheel finish without errors."""
     distutils.core.run_setup("", ["bdist_wheel"])
 def test_util():
+    """Test functions in"""
     for i in range(10):
         before = b'*' * i
         encoded = wheel.util.urlsafe_b64encode(before)
 def test_pick_best():
+    """Test the wheel ranking algorithm."""
     def get_tags(res):
         info = res[-1].parsed_filename.groupdict()
         return info['pyver'], info['abi'], info['plat']