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LOVE 0.7.1 [Game Slave]

  * Added source:isPaused()
  * Added error when initial window can't be created.
  * Added framebuffer filter modes.
  * Added love.filesystem.getLastModified.
  * Added filter modes for ImageFonts.
  * Added dead key support by using "unknown" key with correct unicode value.
  * Added 0 width and height in love.conf. (for current desktop resolution)
  * Added alpha support when encoding TGA images.

  * Fixed a lot of bugs regarding zero characters in threads.
  * Fixed handling of a directory named "love" in current directory.
  * Fixed a few unhandled errors in setScissor.
  * Fixed a bug where old physics callbacks were never dereferenced.
  * Fixed loss of mouse visibility settings on setMode.
  * Fixed creation of a framebuffer unbinding current framebuffer.
  * Fixed several race conditions in love.thread.
  * Fixed 'love .', so it won't use lovedir/. as save dir.
  * Fixed setLineHeight.
  * Fixed extended ascii and ImageFonts.
  * Fixed printf's line wrapping.
  * Fixed crash when playing sounds.
  * Fixed playback of mp3s with arbitrary sample rates.
  * Fixed handling of negative indices in love.joystick.
  * Fixed toggleFullscreen.
  * Fixed unexpected behaviour with hash tables to
  * Fixed mouse coordinates being capped after setMode.
  * Fixed setFont's error handling on a non-existant file.
  * Fixed issue where Windows builds would hard crash on Lua errors

  * Removed custom sample rates for Decoders.

LOVE 0.7.0 [Game Slave]

  * Added love.thread.
  * Added love.font.
  * Added
  * Added Source:play, Source:pause, etc.
  * Added Source:isStatic().
  * Added get/setPosition, get/setVelocity, and get/setDirection to Source.
  * Added get/setGroupIndex to CircleShape and PolygonShape.
  * Added Font:getWrap.
  * Added identity field to love.conf.
  * Added love.quit callback.
  * Added love.focus callback.
  * Added extra meter parameter to love.physics.newWorld.
  * Added
  * Added way to make the window desktop resolution.
  * Added subtractive and multiplicative blend modes.
  * Added body:getAllowSleeping.
  * Added shape:getBody.
  * Added love.filesystem.FileData for public usage.
  * Added base64 support for love.filesystem.FileData.
  * Added table support for and
  * Added
  * Added ?/init.lua to the loader.

  * Fixed the debug module not being an upvalue of the error handlers. (you can now override debug)
  * Fixed some cases when and friends, were acting on everything, not just the passed Source.
  * Fixed setFixedRotation enabling other flags.
  * Fixed a bug in the loader (for require).
  * Fixed ParticleSystem::setSprite not retaining the new image.
  * Fixed setMode removing images settings (wrapping, filters).
  * Fixed shape:getBody, it's now exposed for LÖVE usage.
  * Fixed DistanceJoint:getType() returning "circle" - it now returns "distance".
  * Fixed SpriteBatches being unaffected by setColor
  * Fixed the audio bug.
  * Fixed invalid FSAA values crashing LÖVE.
  * Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings.
  * Fixed OS X not properly using UTIs for .love files.
  * Fixed the modplug decoder not properly handeling files that fail to load.
  * Fixed a memory leak in setFont.
  * Fixed bug where errors in threads wouldn't get picked up by demand.
  * Fixed part of the bug with newlines when scaling text (rotating still messes up the lines).
  * Fixed the bug where newImageFont would try to created ImageData out of ImageData.
  * Fixed error handler not resetting the blend mode.

  * Changed fonts, they're now po2 safe.
  * Changed the traceback in the error screen.
  * Changed font origin to top-left.
  * Changed linux save dir location to obey to's XDG specs. (~/.local/share/love by default.)

  * Removed font functions from
  * Removed love.physics.newWorld(w, h). Use love.physics.newWorld(x1, y1, x2, y2) instead.

LOVE 0.6.2 [Jiggly Juice]

  * Fixed a bug causing ImageFonts to cut off some pixels.
  * Fixed a bug where filled rectangles were too small.
  * Fixed a bug in Image:setFilter where it would switch the parameters.
  * Fixed a bug in ImageRasterizer where it wasn't using the data.
  * Image filter and wrap modes now use string constants as well.
  * Fixed double-transform bug in SpriteBatch.
  * Errors are reported on stdout again.
  * Another fix for the icons on ubuntu.

LOVE 0.6.1 [Jiggly Juice]

  * Added Shape:setGroupIndex and getGroupIndex.
  * Added Body:setFixedRotation and Body:getFixedRotation.
  * Added Body:setInertia.
  * Added CircleShape:getLocalCenter and CircleShape:getWorldCenter.
  * Added icons and file associations for the debs.
  * Added the demos folder to the Mac OS X DMG.
  * It's now possible to run a .love from Resources in Mac OS X, thanks to Steve Johnson.
  * Fixed a bug with multiple Sources on the same Music.
  * Fixed a bug so the mouse doesn't get crippled when the keyboard is disabled.
  * Fixed a bug where drew a too large rectangle.
  * Fixed a bug where memory wouldn't be released correctly.
  * Fixed epic physics typo (getRestituion->getRestitution).
  * Fixed crash on opening non-existent image.
  * The error screen redraws when an event occurs.
  * The default now gracefully handles disabled modules.
  * The debian packages should now successfully include icons, file associations, etc, and should give the correct architecture.
  * Added support for drawing polylines to - the syntax is the same as
  * Removed Music and Sound. There are now only sources.
  * Improved the stability of

LOVE 0.6.0 [Jiggly Juice]

  * Lost track of 0.6.0 changes a long while ago. Don't trust the list below.

  * Added
  * Added unicode-translated parameter to love.keypressed().
  * Added love.event.
  * Added love.filesystem.setIdentity().
  * Added OpenAL dependency.

  * Fixed love.fileystem problems with internal \0 in strings.
  * Fixed love.filesystem.mkdir/remove not working when write directory not set.
  * Fixed position of Window.

  * Changed parameter order of draws().
  * Changed origin for images to top-left.
  * Changed to accept mode (removed from love.filesystem.newFile).
  * Changed which now returns two parameters (data, length).
  * Changed love.filesystem.write() which now takes up to four parameters (file, data, length, mode).
  * Changed default color mode to "modulate".
  * Changed name of love.color_normal to "replace".
  * Changed name of love.blend_normal to "alpha".
  * Changed the conf file format.

  * Removed Color object.
  * Removed Animation.
  * Removed several constants.
  * Removed for strings.
  * Removed love.system.
  * Removed SWIG.
  * Removed boost.
  * Removed SDL_mixer.

LOVE 0.5.0 [Salted Nuts]

  * Added love.joystick.
  * Added network support via LuaSocket.
  * Added support for loading of appended .love-file.

  * Added love.filesystem.lines().
  * Added a loader function to enable use of normal require().
  * Added love.filesystem.load().
  * Added love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory()
  * Added love.filesystem.getWorkingDirectory()

  * Added optional explicit destruction of Box2D objects.
  * Added shape:testSegment().
  * Added (.bmp only).
  * Added default size (12) to font-related functions.
  * Added filename, size )
  * Added and related functions.
  * Added and related functions.

  * Changed to accept file name.
  * Changed love.filesystem.write() to accept file name.
  * Changed to accept CCW and CW ordering.

  * Fixed adding bogus characters at the end of string.
  * Fixed epic swigfusion bug.
  * Fixed so it returns nil if no font is present.
  * Fixed bug where always returns blend_normal.
  * Fixed bug which caused error screen to be scissored (when enabled).
  * Fixed Body:setAngle to accept degrees like everything else.

  * Cleaned up love::File and love_physfs.
  * Cleaned up love::Reference so it stores its reference in _G.

LOVE 0.4.0 [Taco Beam]

  * Added love.physics. (YES!)
  * Added
  * Added
  * Added
  * Added and to handle scissoring the graphical area.
  * Fixed missing constants related to image optimization.
  * Fixed memory leak related to love::File (thanks amnesiasoft!).

LOVE 0.3.2 [Lemony Fresh]

  * Added
  * Added
  * Added
  * Added
  * Added
  * Added love.mouse.getPosition()
  * Added love.audio_loop
  * Added love.timer.getTime()
  * Changed to accept CCW and CW ordering.
  * Fixed default color mode bug.
  * Fixed line width being applied unnecessarily.
  * Fixed line width bug related to fullscreen toggle.
  * Fixed music not looping.

LOVE 0.3.1 [Space Meat]

  * Fixed segfault related to graphics.
  * Fixed wait-forever bug related to audio.
  * Fixed error reporting not working across modules.
  * Fixed bug where games with a trailing "/" would not start.
  * Fixed bug which caused love.timer.sleep to delay for (way) too long.

LOVE 0.3.0 [Mutant Vermin]

  * Added ParticleSystem.
  * Added visual error reporting.
  * Added love.system for game control needs.
  * Added input grabbing.
  * Added functions in for display management.
  * Added
  * Added functions in for getting current color, font, etc.
  * Added love.filesystem.enumerate() for getting folder contents.
  * Added functions for setting the window caption.
  * Added version checking. An error occurs if the game is incompatible.
  * Fixed print() :)
  * Removed all keyboard shortcuts.
  * Save folders are now created only if required.
  * On Windows, the new save location is %APPDATA%\LOVE\game

LOVE 0.2.1 [Impending Doom]

  * Added many functions in love.filesystem.
  * Added a dedicated save-folder for each game.
  * Added timer.sleep.
  * Added line heights to font objects.
  * Added
  * Added scaling and rotation for text.
  * Added variable spacing to ImageFont.
  * Added support for variable line quality when drawing primitives.
  * Added several functions for drawing sections of images. (
  * Added image optimization function and padding function.
  * Added

  * Split devices up into actual SWIG-modules. This means that:
    - Functions are used like this:, not
    - love.objects is no more. Objects are created by an appropriate device.
  * How you draw primitives has been altered.
  * draw(string, x, y, wrap, align) has become drawf(string, x, y, wrap, align)

  * Changed getFps to getFPS.
  * Escape is no more ... enter: Alt+F4.
  * love.filesystem.include has been renamed to love.filesystem.require.
  * ImageFonts now consider the spacing as well as the glyph size.
  * Fixed a massive ImageFont bug which resulted in float-positioning failure.
  * Fixed a bug when loading fonts where the specified size doesn't represent the true size of the font.

  * Updated DevIL to version 1.6.8-rc2 (Windows)
  * Updated FreeType to freetype-2.3.5-1 (Windows)
  * Updated Lua to 5.1.3 (Windows)
  * Updated SDL to 1.2.13 (Windows)
  * Removed boost::filesystem.

LOVE 0.2.0 [Mini-Moose]

  * Added ImageFont
  * Added Animation
  * Added text formatting functions
  * Added setCenter for Image and Animation.
  * Added methods for rendering of scaled/rotated sprites.
  * Added the drawing of basic shapes.
  * Added default font and embedded resources.
  * Added Ctrl+R for reload.
  * Added blending and color modes.
  * Fixed memory usage of Graphics.
  * Fixed a bug where the set text color would change the color of any images rendered.
  * Fixed CWD bug.
  * Fixed titlebar. Game title is now displayed.

LOVE 0.1.1 [Santa-Power]

Initial release!

 * Image loading and rendering.
 * Sound loading and playing.
 * Font loading and rendering.
 * Lua-scriptable games.
 * Config files.
 * Stuff is loadable from archive files.
 * Keyboard, mouse, display, timer, etc. (Basic devices).