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Add SoundData:getDuration, returns the duration in seconds

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 	return sampleRate;
+int SoundData::getDuration() const
+	return size/(channels*sampleRate*bits/8);
 void SoundData::setSample(int i, float sample)
 	// Check range.


 	virtual int getBits() const;
 	virtual int getSampleRate() const;
+	virtual int getDuration() const;
 	void setSample(int i, float sample);
 	float getSample(int i) const;


 	return 1;
+int w_SoundData_getDuration(lua_State *L)
+	SoundData *t = luax_checksounddata(L, 1);
+	lua_pushinteger(L, t->getDuration());
+	return 1;
 int w_SoundData_setSample(lua_State *L)
 	SoundData *sd = luax_checksounddata(L, 1);
 	{ "getChannels", w_SoundData_getChannels },
 	{ "getBits", w_SoundData_getBits },
 	{ "getSampleRate", w_SoundData_getSampleRate },
+	{ "getDuration", w_SoundData_getDuration },
 	{ "setSample", w_SoundData_setSample },
 	{ "getSample", w_SoundData_getSample },
 	{ 0, 0 }


 int w_getChannels(lua_State *L);
 int w_getBits(lua_State *L);
 int w_getSampleRate(lua_State *L);
+int w_getDuration(lua_State *L);
 int w_setSample(lua_State *L);
 int w_getSample(lua_State *L);
 extern "C" int luaopen_sounddata(lua_State *L);
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