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The emission rate for ParticleSystems is no longer restricted to integer numbers.

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 	return insertMode;
-void ParticleSystem::setEmissionRate(int rate)
+void ParticleSystem::setEmissionRate(float rate)
-	if (rate < 0)
+	if (rate < 0.0f)
 		throw love::Exception("Invalid emission rate");
 	emissionRate = rate;
-int ParticleSystem::getEmissionRate() const
+float ParticleSystem::getEmissionRate() const
 	return emissionRate;


 	 * Sets the emission rate.
 	 * @param rate The amount of particles per second.
-	void setEmissionRate(int rate);
+	void setEmissionRate(float rate);
 	 * Returns the number of particles created per second.
-	int getEmissionRate() const;
+	float getEmissionRate() const;
 	 * Sets the lifetime of the particle emitter (-1 means eternal)
 	uint32 activeParticles;
 	// The emission rate (particles/sec).
-	int emissionRate;
+	float emissionRate;
 	// Used to determine when a particle should be emitted.
 	float emitCounter;


 int w_ParticleSystem_setEmissionRate(lua_State *L)
 	ParticleSystem *t = luax_checkparticlesystem(L, 1);
-	int arg1 = luaL_checkint(L, 2);
+	float arg1 = (float) luaL_checknumber(L, 2);
 	return 0;
 int w_ParticleSystem_getEmissionRate(lua_State *L)
 	ParticleSystem *t = luax_checkparticlesystem(L, 1);
-	lua_pushinteger(L, t->getEmissionRate());
+	lua_pushnumber(L, t->getEmissionRate());
 	return 1;
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