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   Released: 2014-04-01
   * Added Source:clone.
+  * Added blend mode "screen".
   * Added ParticleSystem:clone.
   * Added ParticleSystem:moveTo, has smoother emitter movement compared to setPosition.
   * Added ParticleSystem:setRelativeRotation.
   * Added Body:setUserData and Body:getUserData.
   * Added some missing obscure key constants.
   * Added optional callback function argument to love.filesystem.getDirectoryItems.
+  * Added love.system.openURL.
   * Deprecated Mesh/SpriteBatch/ParticleSystem:setImage.
   * Deprecated and
   * Fixed TrueType font glyphs which request a monochrome bitmap pixel mode.
   * Fixed causing crashes when called in between
   * Fixed tab characters ("\t") to display properly with
+  * Fixed to return false when love.window.setMode fails completely.
+  * Fixed love.window.setMode to not destroy OpenGL resources before checking whether a fullsceren size is supported.
   * Fixed World:getBodyList and World:getJointList causing hard crashes.
   * Fixed loading BC4 compressed textures.
   * Fixed SoundData objects being initialized with garbage values.