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Alex Szpakowski  committed 673d0ea

Fixed VertexIndex::getElementSize

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File src/modules/graphics/opengl/VertexBuffer.cpp

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 // VertexIndex
 size_t VertexIndex::maxSize = 0;
+size_t VertexIndex::elementSize = 0;
 std::list<size_t> VertexIndex::sizeRefs;
 VertexBuffer *VertexIndex::element_array = NULL;
 VertexIndex::VertexIndex(size_t size)
 	: size(size)
-	, elementSize(0)
 	// The upper limit is the maximum of GLuint divided by six (the number
 	// of indices per size) and divided by the size of GLuint. This guarantees

File src/modules/graphics/opengl/VertexBuffer.h

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 	size_t size;
 	// The size in bytes of an element in the element array.
-	size_t elementSize;
+	static size_t elementSize;
 	// The current VertexBuffer size. 0 means no VertexBuffer.
 	static size_t maxSize;
 	// The list of sizes. Needs to be kept sorted in ascending order.