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   * Added Mesh:setWireframe and Mesh:isWireframe for debugging.
   * Added CircleShape:getPoint and CircleShape:setPoint.
   * Added Mesh/SpriteBatch/ParticleSystem:setTexture, accepts Canvases and Images.
+  * Added high-dpi window support for Retina displays in OS X, via the 'highdpi' window flag.
+  * Added love.window.getPixelScale.
-  * Deprecated Mesh/SpriteBatch/ParticleSystem:setImage.
+  * Deprecated Mesh/SpriteBatch/ParticleSystem:setImage and
   * Fixed with negative values causing incorrect line widths.
   * Fixed Joystick:isDown using 0-based button index arguments.
   * Fixed to restore the proper viewport and scissor rectangles.
   * Fixed TrueType font glyphs which request a monochrome bitmap pixel mode.
   * Fixed causing crashes when called in between
+  * Fixed tab characters ("\t") to display properly with
+  * Renamed to (old function still exists.)
   * Updated the error text for love.filesystem’s module searchers when require fails.
   * Updated the love.filesystem module searchers to be tried after package.preload instead of before.
   * Updated, newSpriteBatch, and newMesh to accept Canvases.
   * Updated Canvas drawing code, texture coordinates are no longer flipped vertically.
+  * Updated Canvas:renderTo to work properly if a Canvas is currently active.
+  * Updated particle spawning behaviour in ParticleSystems to be smoother when moving the emitter.
 LOVE 0.9.0 [Baby Inspector]