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Added Source:getType

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+Source::Type Source::getType() const
+	return type;
 bool Source::getConstant(const char *in, Type &out)
 	return types.find(in, out);


 	virtual void setMaxDistance(float distance) = 0;
 	virtual float getMaxDistance() const = 0;
+	virtual Type getType() const;
 	static bool getConstant(const char *in, Type &out);
 	static bool getConstant(Type in, const char  *&out);
 	static bool getConstant(const char *in, Unit &out);


 	return 1;
+int w_Source_getType(lua_State *L)
+	Source *t = luax_checksource(L, 1);
+	Source::Type stype = t->getType();
+	const char *typestr;
+	if (!Source::getConstant(stype, typestr))
+		return luaL_error(L, "Unknown Source type.");
+	lua_pushstring(L, typestr);
+	return 1;
 static const luaL_Reg functions[] =
 	{ "play", w_Source_play },
 	{ "setRolloff", w_Source_setRolloff},
 	{ "getRolloff", w_Source_getRolloff},
+	{ "getType", w_Source_getType },
 	{ 0, 0 }


 int w_Source_getDistance(lua_State *L);
 int w_Source_setRolloff(lua_State *L);
 int w_Source_getRolloff(lua_State *L);
+int w_Source_getType(lua_State *L);
 extern "C" int luaopen_source(lua_State *L);
 } // audio
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