Alex Szpakowski avatar Alex Szpakowski committed c49b070

Modules now properly remove themselves from the global registry when they're deleted

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 namespace love
+	std::map<std::string, Module*>::iterator it;
+	// We can't use the overridden Module::getName() in this destructor.
+	for (it = registry.begin(); it != registry.end(); ++it)
+	{
+		if (it->second == this)
+		{
+			registry.erase(it);
+			break;
+		}
+	}
 void Module::registerInstance(Module *instance)
 	if (instance == NULL)
 	std::map<std::string, Module*>::iterator it = registry.find(name);
-	if (registry.end() != it)
+	if (it != registry.end())
 		if (it->second == instance)


 	 * Destructor.
-	virtual ~Module() {};
+	virtual ~Module();
 	 * Gets the name of the module. This is used in case of errors
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