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Playback speed

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Be able to change the playback speed of a sound source. Good for "time almost up" music without audio file duplication. (Reposting)

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  1. textmode

    having said that, I consider it a feature worth implementing, even if it does require drawing a distinction between synth and waveform audios.

  2. Bill Meltsner
    • changed status to open

    This isn't actually a duplicate, as it applies to more than just MIDI.

    The issue with this is, is it feasible? The algorithms I've seen to do this sort of thing are generally not fast enough to run in realtime.

    As for drawing a distinction between synth and waveform audio, that's an architectural change I'm not very comfortable with, as it would require totally redoing our sound/audio system.

  3. Danny Fritz

    Well, I didn't request this. I am confused how it is almost identical to my post. I asked for MIDI in mine because I knew that had the potential to be super simple.

  4. Anonymous

    For PCM audo one could just skip so many or compute an average of n samples. This will increase the speed and the pitch. A method that leaves pitch as is but speeds up the audio is more complicated though.

  5. Bill Meltsner

    Some research into this topic shows that, unfortunately, there's really no good way to mess around with playback speed, without affecting pitch, in realtime. Closing this ticket.

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