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draw calls count in C++

Antonio Moder avatarAntonio Moder created an issue

Make records in C++ - how many times the LOVE2D is draw stuff.


In C + +:

void Graphics::rectangle(DrawMode mode, float x, float y, float w, float h)
    quad (mode, x, y, x, y + h, x + w, y + h, x + w, y);
    debug.drawCalls += 1;

In LOVE script:      , 0,0);, 0,0);
print(love.drawCalls())           -- print 2

It is not easy to do in Lua:      , 0,0); 
debug.drawCalls = debug.drawCalls+1;, 0,0); 
debug.drawCalls = debug.drawCalls+1;
print(debug.drawCalls)            -- print 2

Comments (7)

  1. Bart van Strien

    What's the use? It's also really easy to wrap things like this:

    drawCalls = 0
    function wrapDrawCall(name)
      local func =[name]
        drawCalls = drawCalls + 1
        return func(...)
    -- etc
  2. vrld

    It's probably slower, but you will likely not be able to notice any difference. To fix the error:[name] = function (...)

    But I have to agree with bartbes: What's the use?

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