Issue #564 resolved returns r-1,g-1,b-1,a-1

lemtzas avatarlemtzas created an issue

I discovered this while attempting to save and restore a color. Instead of restoring the color as I had desired, everything slowly faded to black. Here's the final code I tested with (nothing else)

-- main.lua
function love.draw(), 250, 250, 250)
  rd, gd, bd, ad ="fill",200,200,100)"rd: " .. rd .. "\ngd: " .. gd .. "\nbd: " .. bd .. "\nad: " .. ad, 0,0,500,"left")

This outputs on the screen 249 for all each of r,g,b,a. Picture

If I comment out the setColor at the top, getColor returns 254 for all. Picture

The fix I employed: My machine is a 64-bit windows machine, so I used the windows 64-bit installer originally. I went to the website and got the 32-bit installer and installed. The problem disappeared (getColor returned the correct 250/255).

I redownloaded and re-installed the 64-bit version, and the problem returned. Returning to the 32-bit version, the problem disappeared.250 Default

Here is a link to a forum post that was given to me by <markgo> in the irc channel.

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