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Issue #103 invalid

Framebuffer error in implementation

Robin Wellner
created an issue

I get this error after a while: Cannot create Framebuffer: Error in implementation (please inform the love devs).

It's probably because I create a new framebuffer each frame. I know it's hackish, but drawing new things on the original framebuffer wiped it.

I can probably get around this by using just two framebuffer and swapping them each frame, but perhaps this is issue of some significance. (Also, it said to inform the love devs in the error message :P)

Comments (5)

  1. Robin Wellner reporter

    I did some tests, it causes memory to increase to about 17MB (more than twice the memory usage of No Game).

    The results, how many FBs it can create before failing are:

    • 526
    • 525
    • 525
    • 523
    • 522
    • 527

    That's pretty consistent, although it seems to only get less in time. (The last one was after I wrote most of this comment, so it seems it gets higher if you don't run it in a while.)

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