Proposal to change default font

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Landon “Karai” Manning
created an issue

In my opinion, LOVE's default font (Vera) isn't a very clean font. It has some kerning issues and it just doesn't look all that nice.

I've taken a few screenshots of various fonts that may be suitable replacements. The following images have their fonts rendered at sizes 12, 14, 16, 24, and 28.

My personal vote would be Noto Sans Regular as it both looks nice and is Google's currently maintained font.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    One thing to consider is file size. The default font is included in all copies of the LÖVE runtime, so its size might matter. Vera is about 65KB, whereas Noto Sans is about 400KB.

  2. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    I think 400k is a pretty reasonable size for a font that could arguably be
    used in production games (especially for ui and menus). Noto can be
    extended to include nearly every known writing system in history at a size
    of over 100mb. General Latin with euro extensions at 400k would encompass
    the vast majority of love developers and still fit comfortably on a floppy

  3. coffeecat

    A game would almost certainly use its own fonts for a distinguishable visual style. The default font should be considered for development convenience only. So I don't think increasing font file size is good idea.

  4. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    While that is generally true, it also depends on the game. If your game is, say, an RPG or some other menu-heavy or dialog-heavy game, a font like Noto (which is the standard font on Android) would be a welcome convenience. And let's be honest, an additional 350k~ is not a huge increase where love itself is about 10mb as-is, and a game built in love can be 30mb+.

  5. Alex Szpakowski

    LÖVE 0.10.0 and all of its dependencies are currently about 2.5MB zipped / 5.5MB unzipped (for the 32 bit Windows build.) love.dll is about 2.3MB, so Noto would push it up to about 2.6MB.

  6. coffeecat

    Assuming the default font is mainly for development convenience, is it beneficial to use a fixed-width font? At least the error traceback screen would be easier to read.

  7. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    Back from the dead!

    I would like to make the point here that Vera doesn't support many European glyphs. I had someone translate an i18n file to polski for me and when I opened it in love, there were several glyphs missing. While CJK and other such languages might not really have priority within our community, I know that a lot of our users are from Europe (including some engine devs!) so maybe a font with European glyphs would be ideal? I still vote Noto.

    An example would be to run this and go to Options > Language > Toggle Language. You'll note that Polish and Hungarian have missing glyphs.

  8. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    Also worth noting that Noto Sans Regular is 305.9kb. I dunno if it has shrunk in size since this was last discussed or if the 400kb~ estimate was a bit off, but that's a reduction of about 24%.

    Edit: the unhinted version is 197 KB, a 50% reduction!

  9. Mi 28

    Is there a way to just use default sans system font?

    Also I vote monospace for traceback and other code-specific information in default error screen.

  10. Landon “Karai” Manning reporter

    While I would like a monospace font to be available, I think we only really need a single font and that font should probably be something more game-driven. Monospace trace backs aren't really that important I don't think, and often you'll have a trace back in your console or terminal anyway.

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