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Issue #110 duplicate

channels argument for love.sound.newDecoder

created an issue

ModPlug seems to be unable to probe files for information and get the channel number. This prevents mono wave files to get loaded as mono, because the default modplugdecoder setting is set to 2 channels.

Something to enforce the channels could solve this, like a fourth argument for love.sound.newDecoder:

love.sound.newDecoder( file, buffer, rate, channels )

I admit that it is a cheap solution. ;)

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  1. Bill Meltsner

    Cheap and not particularly desirable - it clutters up the API for a single workaround. Blech.

    That said, the underlying issue falls under the aegis of #25 - a new WAV backend for love.sound would obviate this problem, since any proper WAV decoder would be able to check the number of channels. Marking as a dupe.

    Duplicate of #25.

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