Android Home Button Doesn't Close LOVE Application

Issue #1163 open
Ryan Hughes
created an issue

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (SM-G386W) with Android 4.4.2.

When I run my application and hit the home button, the game seems to close, however trying to start it again causes the phone to freeze or the application to start improperly (music plays but I remain on the home screen... I can only close to application by going into the device settings and manually triggering a force quit).

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  1. 4aiman

    Audio playback was definitely fixed in 0.10.1 ( At least for Archos GamePad 2 and several Chinese phones (Idol, ARC, Rio Play etc).

    Judging by error rate from GooglePlay dev account, Samsung Android devices (as well as HTC and Asus flagman models) may well be the cause. Please, consider installing catLog app ( and post here it's log here. That may help greatly.

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