Embedded luasocket should be updated

Issue #1217 resolved
James Watkins-Harvey
created an issue

The Eclipse LDT debugging environment depend on the luasocket library to provide communication between the IDE and the Lua VM. Unfortunately, Love embedded luasocket is somewhat outdated, causing a few errors in LDT's debugger.lua. For example, calling print("") will cause an unexpected table argument to function filter.chain in ltn12.lua.

Though it could be argued that debugger.lua should indeed works fine with older releases of luasocket and that there lies the root issue, it seems however probable that similar problems will happen with other external libraries that have dependencies on luasocket. More over, it seems desirable for love to upgrade to the latest release of that library.

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  1. James Watkins-Harvey reporter

    Wow... So we have been two fixing the same issue at pretty much the same time... I understand very well your hesitations. Unfortunately, there is also hardly a possibility for game developers to resolve luasocket related issues by themselves, given that it is embedded inside love. There is no indication that the luasocket's team intend to change its release number anytime soon, meaning that this "uncertainty" era could go on for a very long time.

    Another point to consider is that luasocket 3.0rc1 is clearly designed with lua 5.1+ in mind, whereas its predecessor was designed for lua 5.0 and needed several hacks in order to integrate it in love.

  2. Bart van Strien
    • changed status to open

    Unfortunately due to the author's reluctance, I don't think we'll get a 3.0 release any time soon. Or any release, for that matter. Given the pull request, we can probably bump to the release candidate, and we can decide later whether we want to go to an even newer version.

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