Message Box types don't work on Windows

Issue #1247 wontfix
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Message Box types don't work on Windows, any type can be setted but nothing change.

Here are some screenshots:

love.window.showMessageBox("info","This is a message box","info");


love.window.showMessageBox("warning","This is a message box","warning");


love.window.showMessageBox("error","This is a message box","error");


(Tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7)

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Message box types are handled by SDL's platform-specific backend code. They work on several platforms (e.g. macOS), but it seems like they don't on Windows - and I'm not even sure Windows has the necessary concepts in its own APIs.

    This isn't something that can be solved in love's own source code.

  2. Alex Szpakowski

    SDL's windows message box code uses a custom window rather than the WinAPI MessageBox function, probably because the WinAPI function can only display a few pre-set button choices.

  3. Raidho

    I remember working directly with WinAPI, that is indeed the case - stock message boxes can not be modified. If you want anything non-stock you have to go with fully fledged custom message box.

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