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_version, _version_codename, _version_major, _version_minor, _version_revision

Please, please document these things if they are not experimental. :)

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    love.path and love.arg are internal. The love._version variables have been deprecated since 0.9.1 and are documented here. love.font.new*Rasterizer could use documentation, but they're also generally internal because they're used by love.graphics.new*Font, which is almost always what you actually want.

    Anyone with a forum account can edit the wiki though, so feel free to document the love.font APIs yourself!

  2. buckle2000 reporter

    I have added some pages but far from complete. Reading C++ source code is painful to me. Can you please verify my work and complete the rest if you have time?

    By the way, I want to know how to get ImageData from GylphData. Seems like it is ok to just copy the content of GylphData into ImageData with jit.*. Is this corrent?

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