Change default reference angle for Weld joints

Issue #1258 resolved
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Weld joints in Love didn't have a reference angle as argument before 0.10.2, which meant it defaulted to Box2D value of (body2 angle - body1 angle). After the argument was added, however, it started to default to 0 rads, which breaks games written before 0.10.2 that use Weld joints. Moreover, Weld joints work more intuitively with the default angle that Box2D originally uses.

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  1. airstruck

    Oops, that was my fault. What needs to happen is w_newWeldJoint in wrap_Physics.cpp needs to call the shorter form of newWeldJoint when the user doesn't pass in reference angle.

    Haven't checked, but this probably also affects revolute and prismatic joints.

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