Android shader creation failure in 0.11 minor branch

Issue #1266 resolved
created an issue

At first it fails reporting lack of prescision qualifier on the default shaders' sampler2Ds during boot.lua capture.png

Adding mediump to all the sampler2Ds in wrap_graphics.lua solves that.

After which it will boot but any shader I attempt to create will throw a gslang error: This may be a problem with my build configuration perhaps? capture2.png

Note: this will occur with any shader created after boot, this one is using the new custom main feature but any of them will error with the profile token message.

Commenting out these lines solves the profile token issue, but it has caused some issues with my shaders: capture3.png

renderinfo for this device:

OpenGL ES OpenGL ES 3.0 V@84.0 AU@ (CL@) Qualcomm Adreno (TM) 330

Android 5.0

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  1. xenthral reporter

    Unmodified wrap_graphics still errors at shader validation, pixel stage, complaining 'sampler/image' lacks declaration of default precision qualifier.

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