Love does not start (Windows 10 Update)

Issue #1274 invalid
Jonathan Delgado
created an issue

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update. After the upgrade, love seems to have stopped opening correctly for all of my projects, including the super toast (without a project).


  • Windows 10 x64 Creators update; build 15063
  • Intel Integrated Graphics, NVidia 525M GT
  • Download latest (0.10.2)
  • Run love.exe


Did some digging, looks like it might be related to #478?

Please let me know what other debugging steps I can take, I would love to supply as much information as possible.

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  1. Jonathan Delgado reporter

    Did a bunch of debugging, came to the conclusion that the NVidia driver is the thing causing this, I assume they haven't accounted for the latest Windows update yet. Switching to integrated graphics fixed it. For anyone with similar issues, right clicking love.exe (or your compiled game) then select "Run with graphics processor" and try another graphics card.

    Sorry for the extraneous issue, hopefully this will be useful to anyone that has this issue in the future.

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