Love(c) does not load main.lua from cwd but instead from executable directory

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My platform is windows 10

I have put love2d binaries somewhere on my system and included the path to the bin in the %PATH% variable, such that running love or lovec in a console will execute the love binaries. However, I expected this to work such that when running love(c) in a directory with a main.lua and conf.lua file, it would load the game from the current working directory. But it does not. Instead it shows the no game. A workaround is to use love . or lovec . to pass the cwd to the program, but I feel the engine should use the current working directory instead of the executable location anyway.

I love the project and community, cheers!

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  1. Mi 28

    What was the reason behind love.exe not running main.lua from current directory by default if no game directory was passed, again?

    I suggest it should have the following load order:

    • fused file
    • game path
    • current directory
    • nogame
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