[Windows] No titlebar icon

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JulianAssange created an issue

The titlebar of the game window doesn't show its icon (uses the generic no-icon icon instead), although the superbar does use the correct icon. This occurs no matter which of the ways to run the game you use. I've attached a screenshot illustrating what I mean.

[Windows 7 64-bit]

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  1. JulianAssange reporter

    SetIcon changes the one in the Window title but not the one in the taskbar. Also, Icon is not saved on switch from fullscreen to windowed.

  2. JulianAssange reporter

    I'd expect that SetIcon would change the taskbar and the window but it only changes the Window.

  3. JulianAssange reporter

    It occurs with any use of SetIcon so I didn't think it would be necessary. I'm not sure if it is Windows 7 specific or not as the Superbar may handle icons differently than the taskbar.

  4. Bart van Strien

    Right, windows probably pulls its icons for running programs from somewhere else, this would classify as an SDL bug, rather than a love one, if at all a bug. (I blame microsoft! :P)

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