Cloning streamed source causes source to become unplayable.

Issue #1508 resolved
Scott Conner (_DaCoolOne_) created an issue

From this topic on the forums:

When playing sources using Source:clone() and Source:play(), love2d bugs out and will not play a “stream” source more than once even after restarting the program. A full restart of the computer is required to get the source to play only once before the same issue happens all over again. After removing the Source:clone(), the source played normally (although the source can’t be stacked now).

Issue does not apply to static sources. This issue may apply to other versions, I have not tested whether it does.

Will add some code if I can find the time to replicate the bug in a separate more simplified program.

(Current solution was to stop using Source:clone() in the project).

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Are you able to try love 11.3? It has a bunch of audio-related fixes, especially for streaming sources.

    A windows prerelease build of 11.3 is here: 32 bit, 64 bit

  2. Scott Conner (_DaCoolOne_) reporter

    Yeah, I went back and have been having trouble replicating the issue. I’ll let you know if I figure out the exact cause, but for now we’ll hope that Love 11.3 is the answer.

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