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Issue #151 resolved

User-friendly error screens

Robin Wellner
created an issue

The error screens are currently lover-friendly, which is fine.

But it might not be what you want for a released game, which means I often resort to a custom error handler.

That is fine too, but it is inefficient to make a custom error handler for every small game you plan to release on the world, especially because they are essentially the same anyway.

My proposal consists of the following: Add a flag to love.conf: t.release. If true, use the alternative error screen. (Default: false) Add a string t.contact to love.conf The alternative error screen would display something like: "Oops, something went wrong. You can help $t.author by contacting $t.contact. Press space to show technical information they would love to see." (Possibly a hook of sorts that automatically sends traceback to some lover-specified server.)

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