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Issue #20 wontfix

Inclusion of tutorial wikis sources and resources in Love distribution.

created an issue

The inclusion of tutorial wikis sources and resources in distribution could help a lot in Love learning.

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  1. arquivista reporter

    I really didn't understand your last part of explanation. I was only was suggesting include the wiki source codes as usually done with the ones included in cd/online files of books, magazines and even other disto code language packages. It always speed things than copying/pasting code and download resource files one by one. Can't undestand why needs to be a separate distibution if also already a Demos folder with 5 examples are included (at least in Mac distro). So those code examples have use for users but the tutorials no? Sorry if I didn't reach your point. :S

  2. textmode

    The point is that a lot of the people that download love are just trying to run a game, not write one. not only would they have no use for the tutorials, but they might even be confused by them.

    furthermore, its somewhat advantageous to keep the runtime distribution small. Adding the demos is already arguably unnecessary bloat...

  3. arquivista reporter

    Ah, ok, that's fine. So afterall that's is already an internal discussion among devs about that because IMHO don't make really much sense the idea of include the examples but not the tutorials since both are guides/sugestions for dev not for end user/runtime. Anyway seems after reading a bit more the forums u still have a lot of crucial issues regarding how you want to distribute Love. Or you already have a clear wish but unfortunly all that can't work perfect as you wish. :/

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