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Issue #235 invalid

Setting restitution to 0 still results in bouncyness

Bernardo Pires
created an issue

I followed the physics tutorial as is and noticed that the ball still bounces when it hits the ground. Here is the code



local first

function love.load() world = love.physics.newWorld(-650, -650, 650, 650) --create a world for the bodies to exist in with width and height of 650 world:setGravity(0, 700) --the x component of the gravity will be 0, and the y component of the gravity will be 700 world:setMeter(64) --the height of a meter in this world will be 64px

bodies = {} --create tables for the bodies and shapes so that the garbage collector doesn't delete them shapes = {}

--let's create the ground --we need to give the ground a mass of zero so that the ground wont move bodies[0] = love.physics.newBody(world, 650/2, 625, 0, 0) --remember, the body anchors from the center of the shape shapes[0] = love.physics.newRectangleShape(bodies[0], 0, 0, 650, 50, 0) --anchor the shape to the body, and make it a width of 650 and a height of 50

--let's create a ball --bodies[1] = love.physics.newBody(world, 650/2, 600, 5, 0) --place the body in the center of the world, with a mass of 15 --shapes[1] = love.physics.newRectangleShape(bodies[1], 0, 0, 20, 20, 0) --the ball has a radius of 20 bodies[1] = love.physics.newBody(world, 650/2, 100, 15, 0) --place the body in the center of the world, with a mass of 15 shapes[1] = love.physics.newCircleShape(bodies[1], 0, 0, 20) --the ball has a radius of 20 shapes[1]:setRestitution(0);

--initial graphics setup love.graphics.setBackgroundColor(104, 136, 248) --set the background color to a nice blue love.graphics.setMode(650, 650, false, true, 0) --set the window dimensions to 650 by 650 end

function love.update(dt) dt = math.min(dt, 1 / 30) world:update(dt) --this puts the world into motion end

function love.draw()

local x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4 = shapes[0]:getBoundingBox() --get the x,y coordinates of all 4 corners of the box.
--x1, y1 represent the bottom left corner of the bounding box
--x2, y2 represent the top left corner of the bounding box
--x3, y3 represent the top right corner of the bounding box
--x4, y4 represent the top right corner of the boudning box
local boxwidth = x3 - x2 --calculate the width of the box
local boxheight = y2 - y1 --calculate the height of the box
love.graphics.setColor(72, 160, 14) --set the drawing color to green for the ground
--the rectangle is drawing from the top left corner
--so we need to compensate for that
love.graphics.rectangle("fill", bodies[0]:getX() - boxwidth/2, bodies[0]:getY() - boxheight/2, boxwidth, boxheight)
love.graphics.setColor(193, 47, 14) --set the drawing color to red for the ball
--the circle is drawing from the center
--so we do not need to compensate
--love.graphics.rectangle("fill", bodies[1]:getX() - 20/2, bodies[1]:getY() - 20/2, 20, 20)
love.graphics.circle("fill", bodies[1]:getX(), bodies[1]:getY(), shapes[1]:getRadius(), 20)

end }}}

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