New WAV Backend for love.sound

Issue #25 resolved
Bill Meltsner
created an issue

There are known issues with WAV playback in LÖVE as of 0.6.2, because we use libmodplug for WAV decoding and it doesn't seem to really work all that well. I don't know where the fault lies in this case, but libmodplug is definitely much better suited as a tracker player.

I propose we switch to another library for WAV playback. libaudiofile looks promising (and adds AIFF support) but doesn't look to be able to read from memory; I'm not sure how to do that with libsndfile either, plus libsndfile has issues with compiling Universal binaries on Mac OS X. Anyone who can come up with any alternatives, please suggest them.

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  1. Andrzej Giniewicz maybe? I think it's worth taking a look at. I think it can be compiled with or almost without external dependencies - i.e. you can check available decoders in library to determine with what it was linked. It is packaged for many distributions and builds on many platforms including of course Linux, Windows (trough native version, cygwin, on normal windows and CE) and MacOS (9 and X) - don't know about binary packages for win/mac though, but it should be fairly easy.

  2. FelipeBudinich

    It does support wav.

    I haven't tested thoroughly it yet, as for me the current audio implementation tends to fail with heavier stuff, so i tried that first (in fact if i only get that to work i'm a happy camper).

    But there is stuff specific to WAV on the documentation, and I've already managed to damage my ears using it :-p

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