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It's possible for the lover to store the arguments he passes to in a table and look them up there. The problem is that the amount of FSAA buffers used can be changed by setMode and the only indication it did so is a warning in stderr. \\ setMode should set currentMode.fsaa to the correct number of samples and then there should be function exposed to Lua which returns the number. \ I'm thinking of, or \\ Attached a diff for a code suggestion.

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  1. Boolsheet reporter

    Oh, there's also vertical sync that could use some improvement. As mentioned in the chat, it's possible for the driver to force a specific vertical sync setting. setMode should try to get the actual status of it and set it in currentMode.vsync.
    I did a test and the Catalyst driver on Windows does report it correctly if queried with SDL_GL_GetAttribute(SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL, &current_vsync);. (Meaning, it does not lie)

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