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Issue #257 resolved

love.graphics.getRenderTarget needed.

created an issue

Hello! In my project, i use 2 framebuffer seperately, and each function i call sets the render target to each framebuffer to draw to it and then resets it using love.graphics.setRenderTarget(), but when i am using render target number 1 and use function affecting render target number 2 it sets render target back to screen and all remaining draw operations are drawing to screen, not to Render Target. I've create my own love.graphics.getRenderTarget but it's sort of a workaround. {{{ local oldsetrt = love.graphics.setRenderTarget

function love.graphics.setRenderTarget(rt) _CURRENTRENDERTARGET = rt oldsetrt(rt) end

function love.graphics.getRenderTarget() return _CURRENTRENDERTARGET end }}}

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