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Make .love files executable via traditional mechanisms ./

created an issue

It would be useful, if the resultant .love files could be treated as a normal executable file that worked via the ./ mechanism. At the moment, attempting to run the file gives an error:

../ ./ cannot execute binary file

I created a test application from my package source directory as follows:

zip -r ../ cd .. chmod u+x

I now run the file:

../ ../ ./ cannot execute binary file

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  1. markhobley reporter

    Maybe we need a tool for this, or possibly a different format. We definitely need these files to be executable on Unix.

    I am not very happy about this being tagged as invalid. It is still a bug. Maybe we need a better format for the files.

  2. Bart van Strien

    They are no executable files. They simply are not. I marked this invalid because they aren't meant to be, so a bug it is certainly not.

    As for a tool, you can just make a script that does this:

    (echo '#!/usr/bin/env love'; cat > && chmod +x
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